?The Bachelorette? 2016 Winner Leaked? Who Ends Up With Jojo Fletcher?

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The Bachelorette

?The Bachelorette? 2016 winner will be revealed soon, but certain things from last Monday?s episode just might have hinted who will end up with Jojo Fletcher.

Things have been heating up in ABC?s reality dating competition, with Jojo Fletcher constantly getting emotional over choosing which suitor she should send home. However, the last episode had to be among her most emotional eliminations yet.

Speculations about Luke Pell leaving the show proved to be true after the 31-year-old war veteran did not receive a rose from the 25-year-old Texan beauty. While viewers may have been sad to see the audience favorite leave, Luke?s elimination was not a complete surprise due to cryptic previews from last week.

Luke?s departure narrowed down the competition to former pro quarterback Jordan Rodgers, model and sales rep Robby Hayes and medical sales rep Chase McNary. Towards the end of the episode though, viewers got shocked when Jojo did not even wait for the Rose Ceremony and dumped Chase in the middle of their fantasy suite date. This was after he bravely declared his love – something he?s never said to a woman before. The moment had to be one of the most heartbreaking eliminations in ?The Bachelorette? 2016.


Luke (leftmost) and Chase (rightmost) got cut from Jojo’s final four in the last episode

Jojo is now left to choose between Robby and Jordan, who will each meet the Fletcher family and go on one last date with their dream girl. However, there have already been rumors that Jordan will be the winner of ?The Bachelorette? 2016. Aside from the two?s undeniable chemistry, it was revealed early on that Jojo and Jordan already knew each other before joining the show ? something that could definitely serve as an advantage for the 27-year-old hunk.

Still, it was obvious from the last episode that Jojo is certainly smitten by Robby too. A proof of their closeness is how Jojo allows him to be the only contestant in ?The Bachelorette? 2016 to address her by her real name: Joelle.

Those who watched last Monday also saw how Jojo listened intently as the former competitive swimmer said that he ?has been honest with [Jojo] since day one,? and kept talking about spending a lifetime with her. The southern belle also seemed convinced when Robby said that he is ready to become her husband and give her a life filled with ?country clubs and coloring books.?

Lastly, Jojo also seemingly gave Robby extra special treatment when she accommodated him even while getting ready for dinner with Chase.

Do you think that it is possible for Robby to be the winner of ?The Bachelorette? 2016? All this is purely speculative and is just among the many rumors about the show, so fans will just have to wait a little longer to confirm who between Robby and Jordan will receive Jojo Fletcher?s Final Rose.

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