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Bachelorette 2016 Updates: Luke Winning Jojo Fletcher? Not With Chad Backed By Justin Bieber

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In Bachelorette 2016 updates, Jojo Fletcher had everybody thinking that she and Jordan Rodgers would be it this season. But in a sneak peek of the latest Bachelorette?s episode, it looks like viewers are in for a new turn. Luke Pell may have started to pull away from Jordan and the other guys. ?

In the exclusive clip released by Refinery29, it looks like Pell is winning Fletcher over. They seem like they can?t get their hands off each other in their alone time. The scene can be described as intense and very passionate. ?Passion? is the word used by Fletcher.

Fletcher, in the clip, said that she is running out of words to describe the ?level of passion? when she and Pell are together. Pell intimately told the bachelorette that ?Everything about you just makes me want more of you.? He added, ?More time, I want to know more, I want to know everything about you.? And from the looks of it, Fletcher had certainly enjoyed her time with Pell and may grant him more time on the show.

It is imaginable that if this clip will be shown to the other guys in the show, they could feel threatened or even disheartened. Viewers who are rooting for the other guys too may feel some burn as their guys are not exactly ?winning? around this time. One The Bachelorette 2016 viewer is none other than the Beeb himself, JB – that?s Justin Bieber.

Good point chad milk is delicious and yeah I watch the bachelorette don't judge me

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In his instagram post, the pop superstar revealed that he watches The Bachelorette and was probably on Team Chad. He captioned the post ?Good point chad milk is delicious and yeah I watch the bachelorette don’t judge me.? As you know, Chad Johnson was already kicked out and has no chance of winning Fletcher in the show (most likely outside the show). He is also dubbed to be ?Bad Chad? because of some events that have transpired with the other guys. Check out his funny interview with Jimmy Kimmel below.

Is Pell really pulling away from the other guys? Is Rodgers still in the game? What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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