The Bachelorette 2016 Finale Updates: JoJo Fletcher To Pick Jordan Rodgers But She?ll Have Second Thoughts?

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The predictions about the forthcoming end of The Bachelorette 2016 have been making rounds lately. So who is poised to be JoJo Fletcher?s pick? Here?s the possible result of the social experiment reality show according to rumors.

Many are speculating that the final rose ceremony will be a big shock for all the fans. Rumor has it that JoJo appears to be picking the wrong guy and eventually end up with the other man. Should this be true, this is completely a mind blowing result for the reality TV search.

It is speculated that Fletcher will be choosing Jordan Rodgers as the guy for her during the much anticipated final rose ceremony of the show. This will leave Robby Hayes as the runner up of The Bachelorette Australia 2016.

However, others would like to believe the result will be otherwise. Rumors say that JoJo might be asking the show to let the two guys have their own proposals during the final rose ceremony. Should this happen, only one will be left with a happy heart and will be getting Fletcher?s big YES.

While others are convinced that it will be Rodgers who will be getting JoJo?s heart, others are still hoping that Hayes will be the right man for The Bachelorette. It should be noted that Fletcher was seen crying in a teaser for the final rose.

Meanwhile, speculation about the breakup of JoJo and Jordan also looms if it is true that the former will be picking the latter over Hayes. It is not impossible that Rodgers will be JoJo?s choice since we have reported previously that Rodgers has been the heavy favorite in the show even before it started airing on TV.

The Bachelorette 2016 | Photo from www.realitytvworld.com

According to rumors, Fletcher found herself in deep trouble on who is the right choice for her. She will be seen crying as she is about to give her final decision. While it will definitely leave the runner up in extreme pain, JoJo herself will be questioning her decision afterwards if she really picked the right guy.

The question is, will it be Rodgers who will win JoJo?s heart? If yes, will JoJo leave him and push through with the speculated runner up Robby Hayes afterwards? All these questions will soon be answered as The Bachelorette 2016 nears its end.

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