The Bachelorette 2016 Finale: Jojo Fletcher Repeats History, Falls In Love With Two Men?

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The Bachelorette 2016 finale now has its final two in the form of former professional quarterback Jordan Rodgers and former competitive swimmer Robby Hayes. So now, fans of the reality dating show are eagerly anticipating which guy will receive Jojo Fletcher?s final rose.

But Fletcher?s path to love may turn out to be a bumpy one as a preview for the show hints that she may be facing the same dilemma that hounded the Bachelor that spurned her. She insists that she has fallen in love with both Rodgers and Hayes.

As reported by People, a sneak peek at the upcoming ?The Bachelorette? finale has both Rodgers and Hayes declaring their love to Fletcher, which then shifts to Fletcher admitting to the camera that she has fallen in love with two people and then breaking down in tears.

The clip then proceeds to warn viewers that ?history will repeat itself,? before showing footage of Fletcher sending one of her suitors home, side-by-side with footage from when Bachelor Ben Higgins sent Fletcher home after choosing Lauren Bushnell. People even points out that Fletcher paraphrases Higgins own parting words to her. Fletcher dismisses one of her suitors by saying ?I fell in love with you, but my heart is somewhere else.” Higgins, on the other hand, rejected her with ?”I do love you, but I love somebody else more.”


Jojo Fletcher and her choice of suitor is the focus of The Bachelorette 2016 finale.

So who will Fletcher end up with? All signs point to her picking Rodgers, who Fletcher knew even before the show. Internet speculations also say the same thing. However, the sneak peek of the finale also seemed to point out that while Fletcher may pick Rodgers, there is the possibility of her changing her mind. Fletcher is seen in the video saying that she?s ?making a mistake.?

That tease certainly opens up to more interesting and shocking possibilities, such as the rumors floating around that Fletcher will not pick either of the two and instead show up at the reunion with either Chase Mcnary or Luke Pell, the two other guys in the top four.

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