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Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 3 Premiere Highlights; Where to Watch Replay Online

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ABC?s Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 finally premiers on August 2 which showed cast arriving on the shores of Playa Escondida in Sayulita, Mexico. Some of the highlights include Emily having her eyes on Daniel already and Jubilee?s confession of waiting for a certain guy, though she kept his identity a secret. Evan revealed Amanda melts his heart with cuteness. They all thought and laughed about how they will be having the dumbest conversation ever, and Chad had to leave.

We’ve first seen Amanda Stanton, followed by Nick Viall. When the guy introduced himself to Stanton, she initially noticed that he’s hot, but eventually thought he could be a heartbreaker. Jubilee arrived next, and then Vinny, Carly Waddell, Grant Kemp, and Canadian Daniel showed up.

Emily and Haley Ferguson were also among the first to arrive, hoping not to date the same guy this time while Daniel seemed unhappy with the selection of women until Izzy arrived.

If you haven?t watched it yet, catch the online replay here:

Sarah from Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise also arrived and they all run to the beach and it was when all the laughs have started. Lace Morris, Jared Haibon and Chad Johnson also arrived later. Morris and Johnson were a bit wild.

Meanwhile, Jubilee and Jared had a romantic dinner as they were enjoying a colorful pinatas. Jubilee raves about Lord Of The Rings, and they seemed to be getting along pretty well until a spine-chilling clown ruined their date.

At day 2, Chris Harrison met everyone at the gazebo. Chad had to explain what happened in the previous night. The host told him that he turned paradise into hell and he needed to leave. Chad was apparently unhappy, saying he won?t allow anyone to make him appear as if he is the bad guy once again.

Chad said everyone is fake and cannot even take a joke. He even wanted to fight with Harrison.


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