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?Bachelor In Paradise? Season 3: New Romance Blossoms In Episode 5 As Nick Disrupts Josh & Amanda Tandem

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Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 will show a brand new romance to blossom between Wells and Ashley. The latter is all set to arrive in Paradise fresh from JoJo Fletcher?s season of The Bachelorette. And it looks like Amanda and Nick could have their second chance at love. The latter may have not completely gotten over Amanda. The way he disrupts Josh and Amanda?s tandem speaks for what?s inside of Nick.

For the past few weeks, Amanda and Josh have been quite silent about their relationship. But nothing could ever be peaceful as far as the ABC reality series is concerned. In the upcoming Episode 5A, something could happen that might derail their strong connection. Nick continues to hit Josh with his allegations of him not being genuine. ?

Based on the teaser for Monday?s installment, Josh will confront his Bachelor In Paradise co-stars. That?s when Nick speaks out in Josh?s face. He tells him that he isn?t sure if Josh is being genuine or not. But if there is one thing that loyal viewers of Bachelor In Paradise Season 3 knows very well about, it?s the fact that Nick is the last person that Josh wants to hear those words from.

Josh vs. Nick is Old Story

Josh and Nick have a well-known history of liking the same woman. In the Season 10 finale of The Bachelorette in 2014, both of them have shown interest for Andi Dorfman. The girl chose Josh over Nick and now the latter feels like the same guy stole Amanda away from him.

As for Wells taking Ashley out for a date, it appears to be one thing that she needs to get over Jared. On the last episodes of Bachelor In Paradise Season 3, Caila accused her of attempting to ruin her relationship with her guy. Several fans will see it as a breath of fresh air to see new love blossoms.

Episode 5A of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 is slated to air on ABC on Monday, August 29 at 8 p.m. EDT.

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