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Bachelor in Paradise 2017 Misconduct: The Show Will Be Axed? Corinne Olympios and Demario Jackson’s Defense & More

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Corinne Olympios Demario Jackson Bachelor In Paradise 2017

Production for Bachelor in Paradise 2017 has been suspended over sexual misconduct allegations and at the center of the scandal are the Bachelor Nation’s two biggest villains: Corinne Olympios and Demario Jackson. The pair allegedly got so X-rated on the pool in Mexico that one of the producers was “uncomfortable” with what had been filmed.

“We have suspended production and we are conducting a thorough investigation of these allegations,” Warner Bros., the production company behind the franchise, released a statement on Sunday. “Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.”

Details about the incident are sparse, with different versions. But here’s what the parties claim so far.

Demario Jackson

According to the people with whom the former Bachelorette 2017 contestant spoke, he and Corinne were told by the producers that one of the story lines would be the 2 of them hooking up. After the pair met at the bar and started drinking on the first day of production, DeMario says Corinne jumped in his lap and started kissing him.

Hollywood Life says they headed to the pool, stripped down and allegedly began “rubbing, touching, and fingering.” There were some “licking” too, but the 30-year-old bartender claims he was not able to engage in actual intercourse because of the alcohol. The next day, the two of them were both doing fine until they were called in to discuss the footage of the alleged raunchy PDA session in the pool.

Corinne Olympios

Per TMZthe bachelorette claims she was “in a blackout state” when they reportedly engaged in sexual activity. Insiders close to Olympios say she doesn’t remember a thing that allegedly happened between herself and her fellow contestant. However, she’s not blaming Demario because he was intoxicated as well. Instead, she’s suing the producers for not intervening.

The day after the incident, other cast members told her what went down that night. Apparently, they told people on the production crew that Corinne seemed in no position to consent to sexual activity, but they reportedly ignored their concerns. She told her friends she is currently in a relationship and wouldn’t have done what she did especially in front of the cameras.

Bachelor In Paradise 2017

The Producers

According to reports, the producer who felt “uncomfortable” with the incident did not come to work the day after the alleged misconduct, then filed a third-party complaint about it.

”The show absolutely values the primacy of consent and this instance it appears as though conduct allegedly occurred without the proper consent having been given,” a source told People. One of the contestants echoed the same sentiments to the publications, saying that cast members were upset with how production handled things. “They could have seen that she was drinking too much and that he was taking advantage,” the contestant who refused to disclose his identity explained. “They could have stopped this before it got this far.”

The Show

At this point, an investigation into the incident is ongoing and the cast of Bachelor in Paradise 2017 has already been sent back to the U.S. While no official decision has been made yet on whether or not the season will be canceled for good,  the chances of the show  picking back up are said to be looking slim. When the cast was told to pack their belongings, they were only informed that they “might” return.

This is the first time production has been halted in the ABC franchise’s 15-year history, aside from delays due to weather and location changes.

Evan Bass and Carly Waddell’s Wedding

Despite production being “indefinitely” shut down on the show’s fourth run, multiple reports state that Season 3’s Evan Bass and Carly Waddell are still set to have their wedding filmed by the franchise and aired on ABC. The couple’s big day was initially intended to air as part of Bachelor in Paradise 2017, which was supposed to premiere on Aug. 8.

Paradise at last! Congratulations Carly and Evan! ???#blessed #BachelorinParadise

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The airdate of their wedding hasn’t been announced yet.

Any thoughts? Who do you think is to blame in this case? Leave your comments below.

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