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‘Bachelor in Paradise? 2016 Finale Review: 6 Contestants Leave

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Six contestant left Bachelor in Paradise 2016 last Monday! The finale episode was one full of drama. We saw couples arguing, Ashley had a rebound and the twins called it quits.

Ashley on the Rebound

Ashley goes for a rebound. After the death of her dog, Wells Adams steps into paradise for Ashley. Wells took Ashley out for a date. They ate some tacos. Played with a puppy, and made out. The date with wells made it seem like Ashley?s starting to get over her ex.

Ashley Attacks Caila

Ashley stirs up trouble for Jared and Caila Quinn once more. Jami Letain came into paradise looking for Wells. Ashley wasn?t very concerned with Letain going for her new prospective guy.


She instead had her attention at Caila and Jared yet again. The Bachelor in Paradise? 2016 finale was almost at hand and Ashley still wants to bring trouble to Caila.

Ashley revealed to Caila that she thinks she is untrustworthy. Ashley also gave the impression that she has no plans of letting up.

With the problems and implications coming from Ashley butting in her life, Caila decide to leave. Everyone?s now wondering whether Jared?s planning to follow Caila.

The Twins Call it Quits

Haley and Emily Ferguson gave up. The two twins decided to leave paradise since they still haven?t gotten any action with the guys.

During the rose ceremony : “We’ve been here for five weeks now?We came in this together, and we want to leave together, so we wish you guys all the best, and we love you all.” ?And since the twins have left, Carl King, Ryan Beckett and Daniel Maguire have all been removed as well!

Josh Gets Pissed

Josh went nuts when Amanda had gone to bed without even saying goodnight. Josh was pretty pissed at Nick for the situation.

Josh even threatened Nick: “You need to hope everything’s good with me and her!” After all the drama had calmed down, Amanda went back to Nick to apologize and make up with him.

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Grant & Lace Break Up and Get Back Together

The Bachelor in Paradise? 2016 finale got even more heated up when Lace Morris and Grant Kemp broke up (sorta) and patched things up pretty quickly. Kemp was mad at Morris when she flirted with Carl in front of him. Kemp wasn?t having any of it.

Kemp addressed Morris that she disrespected him. Morris also got mad and said: “Get out of my face. Have fun finding love with someone else!” The two later settled their differences. While all this was happening Carly Waddell and Evan Bass have are expressing their love for one another.

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