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The Bachelor NZ Update: Molly on Karina’s Secret Relationship, The Top Finalists and 2017 Winner

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Bachelor NZ

Fans were baffled by the latest Bachelor NZ 2017 revelation that host Dominic Bowden had once dated ‘intruder’ Karina Grant. For those who missed the party, in a dramatic plot twist, the bachelorette came clean in the recent episode, confessing she and the show host were a couple three years ago after fellow contestant Rosie threatened to reveal it all.

Unfortunately for the Snow White look-alike, the confession didn’t stop bachelor Zac Franich from saving the 23-year-old law student in the last rose ceremony. Of course, Rosie isn’t happy about it. But unlike her and probably some of the remaining contestants, axed Bachelorette Molly Littlejohn says the two’s history is “no big deal” at all.

“I think honesty is key when it comes to Zac, so I think it was good she said something to him,” Molly, 24, said.

The preschool teacher revealed that she was away on her single date with Franich when news of Karina and Dom’s past spread amongst the group. When she came back, her failure to secure a rose on the date was overshadowed by the debate over the duo’s secret relationship.

“I think it was shocking, but it is just a very heightened situation, any little thing is just going to be bought to attention regardless big or small,” she explained. “I guess it was just one of those things where it has happened, but it was such a long time ago that it shouldn’t be too much of a big deal. But it depends on how everyone looks at it.”

The Bro Code

According to her, the situation was blown out of proportion although she acknowledged everyone, especially Rosie and Ally, would react differently. We can recall the two ladies cornered Karina previously, arguing bros don’t date other bro’s exes hence Karina’s confession. But it turns out Zac doesn’t actually care. He even gave Karina a rose for her honesty, sending Molly home instead.

The revelation was slated as a jealous move by some fans who called it an act of sabotage that may backfire.

“Rosie is out of line it’s not that big a deal,” one fan wrote on Facebook.

“Rosie is way out of line. It is none of her business what so ever. All she is trying to do is sabotage another girl’s chances on the show [sic],” said another.

The Bachelor NZ 2017 Top Picks

Following the last elimination, there are now only 11 bachelorettes remaining. Details are scarce as to who will win Zac’s heart, so fans will have to tune in every week to find out what’s next on his journey to find love. However, here’s our top two picks for New Zealand’s Bachelor 2017:


Snowboard instructor and barista Lily is the wild child of the group whose hobbies include “stuff that goes fast and that makes me feel like I might die.” In an interview with Jay-Jay, Dom, and Randell, Zac has hinted that the adrenaline junkie is one of the Bachelorettes in the lead.

Lily and Nina ready to navigate the obstacle course on last night's episode! #thebachelornz

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Talking to the boys about Lily’s “leg” tactic previously,  Zac said that after she got past the first two questions on her leg he knew she was getting a rose: “I got past two and was like this girl is awesome I’m giving her a rose.” He also said that the viewers will also enjoy getting to know the lady, suggesting she won’t be leaving the show anytime soon.


As reported earlier, the 23-year-old Psychology graduate is a top contender for this season simply because she’s the most genuine in the group so far. The current season has earned a fair share of negative reviews from critics about how too good to be true Zac is. She may not be sporty which makes her a total opposite of Zac, but she knows who she really is and she’s more than fine with it.

Rosie and Ally chatting at the cocktail party! #thebachelornz

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“It is so embarrassing to be so ungraceful in front of Zac,” Rosie tells the camera after their Thailand date. “But that’s just me, you’ve got to laugh it off.”

For now, our bets are on this lady. But with a few more episodes left, the tables might turn especially now that Rosie’s facing quite a backlash for provoking Karina. After all, this is a reality show so anything can really happen. We can only sit back and play the patience card as usual.

What do you think? Who’s your Bachelor NZ 2017 winner? Let us know in the comments below!

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