The Bachelor New Zealand 2017 Winner: Rosie Misfires, Karina Advances – Who Deserves The Final Rose?

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New Zealand has just proven how small of a country it actually is that a former couple bumped into each other in The Bachelor NZ of all places. In what fans call the biggest plot twist of the year, “intruder” Karina Grant dropped a major bombshell in the most recent episode that she once dated show host Dominic Bowden and it obviously did not sit well with good old Rosie.

The Snow White look-alike has somehow become the talk of the town since Season 3 started. That was the case until Karina aka Ivanka Trump doppelganger boarded the show and caught everyone’s attention with her shocking confession. Now, Rosie forcibly has to share the spotlight she’s been enjoying the previous episodes with another ladya newcomer for that matter.

With a couple of episodes left until the final rose ceremony, we can expect that the bad blood between the two would remain. And although it’s too soon to know who The Bachelor New Zealand 2017 winner is, there’s no denying that Karina now became one of the strongest contenders for this season alongside Rosie. So, who between them deserves Zac Franich? Let’s get to know them below.

Rosie Wood

Born in Cyprus, Rosie grew up in Benson in England before she moved to New Zealand when she was 11. According to her bio, she considers herself a very romantic woman. She hopes to settle down and start a family like her parents who are very happily married.  Rosie is studying for a degree in psychology via distance learning but also works in administration.

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Although she says she’s often told that she resembles Snow White, some fans’ perception of her isn’t princess-like anymore. For a brief recap, Rosie cornered Karina in the last episode. She threatened that she will reveal Karina’s secret relationship if she doesn’t come clean to Zac first. But that’s not exactly what outraged viewers. Rather, it was the rampant slut-shaming the Psychology major showed in the episode.

“She’s such a f**king sl** honestly, she’s not coming in here and doing this,” Rosie, who was incensed of Karina and Dom’s history, was heard saying. Apparently, ‘participating in a reality dating television show when you dated people beforehand’ isn’t allowed in The Bachelor playbook now. So it came as a massive shocker to Rosie that Zac understood Karina and Dom’s thing was all in the past.


Karina Grant

Karina lived in Vanuatu before her family settled in Auckland. The 23-year-old law student attributes being raised by her Russian mother and grandmother for her ability to remain extremely calm and patient during arguments. Her bio says she’s been told that she looks like US first daughter Ivanka Trump.

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Now, the majority may have seen her as the victim recently, but Karina also earned a fair share of criticisms from the fans. However, unlike Rosie, hers were more centered on relationship age gap. As mentioned earlier, she dated Dom three years ago. That makes her 20 then, 16 years Dom’s junior and people were not altogether pleased.

Despite the light backlash, Zac appreciated her honesty. He even gave her a kiss and a rose and we can see why: He’s into ladies with kind hearts. We’ll have to see if Karina continues to become that kind of woman in the future episodes.

Again, they are just two of the several strong contenders this season. The Edge says Zac “has taken quite a liking to” Lily as well. Then there’s Viarni whom we can say is currently leading the race. In case you missed it, she received the White Rose in the opening episode and three more in the later ones.

Zac particularly wants someone who is “independent, social, amiable and caringsomeone with a kind heart and who likes to keep fit and active.” He also looks for a passionate and ambitious woman. So, who’s your The Bachelor New Zealand 2017 winner? Share your comments below!

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