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‘The Bachelor’ Nick Viall Twitter Roast: Real Motives Of Season 21 Star Questioned By Former Contestant Olivia Caridi

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A former contestant just shut down “The Bachelor” star Nick Viall. The lead character of Season 21 was slammed in a series of Twitter rants and a new follow-up interview last February 14. The person who bravely spoke up against him is Olivia Caridi from the show’s 20th season.

Dubbed as the previous installment’s “villain,” the ex-contender called out the current protagonist via social media. This was due to his actions from the episode that aired on Monday, February 13. The former participant pointed out how the star seemingly freaked out every time someone declared her feelings for him.

Twitter war

As a result, the 36-year-old businessman’s real intentions in joining the hit ABC reality show got questioned. “Nick, you have heard the word ‘love’ three times from the girls – and freaked out,” Olivia of “The Bachelor” 2016 said. The outspoken TV personality then scoffed about how she “thought the show was about love.”

The star of “The Bachelor” season 21 did not back down from Caridi. He threw a subtle shade via his own Twitter post. “Olivia is giving me notes,” Viall tweeted alongside a confused emoji.

This then resulted to Caridi’s GIF response of herself taunting “Come at me, bro.” She said the famous line during Ben Higgin’s season, where she was one of the most disliked participants. Viall did not respond to her last tweet anymore.

What are the real motives of ‘The Bachelor’ star Nick Viall?

US Weekly interviewed Caridi shortly after her social media attack. She said she meant everything she threw at Viall as it raises what his real intentions are. “If you’re here for love[..] and your face is like this [makes a pained face], why are you here?” she tauntingly asked.

The outspoken blond then detailed Viall’s seemingly unfair treatment of several “The Bachelor” contestants. She specified how he reacted to the confession of Vanessa Grimaldi. The participant was the third woman who admitted her love for him on the show.

Viewers got shocked with Viall’s reply to the well-liked special education teacher. He started by saying that he likes Grimaldi, but prefers to not say ‘I love you’ too early on. “It is incredibly important for me[..] that I only say it to one person,” he explained.

The apparent rejection seemed too harsh for Caridi, who defended the ladies that “put themselves out there” for Viall. She said it is freaky as it is, but moreso with cameras around them. As such, Viall’s alleged rude response seemed very insensitive for her. “He was almost lecturing her,” she said.

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