The Bachelor New Zealand 2017 Winner: The Choice Is Obvious

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The Bachelor New Zealand 2017 winner could be a battle of the blooms

Fans of The Bachelor New Zealand were at arms last night as the network failed to show their weekend fix of the famous reality show. Which is a bummer but we could just imagine how many would be tuned in in a few hours and see if we’re getting closer to knowing who The Bachelor New Zealand 2017 winner could be, or at the very least, who the finalists could be.

The Bachelor New Zealand 2017 Winner Predictions

As we all know, last week we bade farewell to Nina, which bummed a lot of people, but her departure pretty much made her a strong contender as the next Bachelorette (we have high hopes). What was crazy was the entrance of the three intruders which, as Ally would say, “The dynamics in the group has changed.”

But this is reality TV right so what do we expect? The unexpected of course — giving the intruders better chances of being chosen than the original girls. But how do they really measure up against our first faves? Here’s how we see it:

Rosie is definitely a top contender simply because she was the only one who seemed genuine enough in the show. Many of the show’s critics have been commenting on how scripted our bachy Zac Franich is, or how he seems to be just too good to be true. So it was definitely a breath of fresh air when Rosie admitted that she wished she had more self confidence. Awwww. Our first rose goes to her.

And for us, it’s a battle of the blooms as our next choice is Lily because the sexual chemistry is there. But this can’t be just about the looks right? Right??

Anyway, last but not the least, there’s Hannah. Oh no don’t think we’re actually rooting for her. The girl’s last single date was Zac was just painful to look at, and at some point they were actually substituting food for actual conversations.

So who’s the obvious The Bachelor New Zealand 2017 winner? Our bets are on Rosie (more ‘realness’ please!), but we all know that this is The Bachelor, where the obvious choice is apparently the wrong one.

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