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?The Bachelor’ Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell Wedding Soon? Is He Really Over Jojo Fletcher?

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The Bachelor Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell wedding is reported to be looming. In an interview with People, the couple will be planning for their wedding and this will be followed by a production crew as a whole show will be dedicated to the event. Bushnell teased the new reality TV show that will come to Freeform this fall. When asked when exactly are they going to the tie the knot, Bushnell revealed that they have not delved much into specifics yet.

Bushnell reveals that, as of the moment, they are just throwing ideas here and there. She and Higgins have not sat down and talked about it seriously yet. She added that this wedding is quite tricky as everyone that they want to invite is spread out. They also have many home bases to seriously consider as options. Higgins is from Indiana, Bushnell is from Portland and both now live together in Denver.

But if you have been following this love story, you would know that there are some rough patches here and there. For one, Higgins is rumored to be still in love with Jojo Fletcher, the now Bachelorette and a runner-up in Higgin?s time as the Bachelor.

The three–Higgins, Bushnell and Fletcher–met on the set of The Bachelor Season 20. While Higgins and Fletcher seemed to have a great chemistry together, Higgins opted to give Bushnell the rose in the Final Rose Ceremony. This left Fletcher heartbroken. Here?s a clip of Fletcher breaking down and talking about Higgins.

With a new reality show coming up and with Fletcher?s turn as The Bachelorette, it seems like Higgins and Fletcher are taking different routes in their life journeys. Higgins revealed to People that he and Bushnell are not following The Bachelorette. He said that they are too busy to do it and that they need to step away from the show and take time for each other.

Is Higgins really over Fletcher? Were rumors about him and Fletcher still in love not true? Or are Higgins, Bushnell and Fletcher good in keeping all of it under wraps? Leave your comments below.

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