The Bachelor Australia 2016 Winner Revealed: Richie’s Final Choice Surprises Viewers

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bachelor australia 2016 winner

No more single or group dates and stolen glances and guesses. The Bachelor Australia 2016 winner?has finally been chosen by Richie Strahan and it’s no other than single mom,?Alexandra Nation.

Against a perfect Balinese backdrop, the 31-year-old rope access technician told Alex that she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

While everyone thought that Richie would choose Nikki Gogan, with whom he had tremendous chemistry with, it came as a surprise when he sent her home instead.

Viewers were surprised, as the blonde real estate agent seemed to be the perfect match to Richie. She lived only an hour from Richie in Perth and was clearly favored by his mum and sister, over Alex, who was a single mother.

bachelor australia

Nikki handled the grilling from Richie’s family well. (Photo credit: Network Ten)

Poor Nikki, clearly shocked, told Richie she still loved him and just wanted him to be happy and wished him good luck.

The last rose

?Coming down this adventure, I was told to follow my heart and following my heart has led me to you, Alex. I love you,? he told the 25-year-old venue manager.

Alex, knowing she was the less popular option to be the Bachelor Australia 2016 winner, knew wholeheartedly that she had found love in Richie. The couple has been in non-stop contact since May when the finale was actually filmed. They were only allowed secret rendezvous every two or three weeks by production. They have also been going under aliases to keep the secret under wraps.

Geography arrangements

Richie has yet to meet Alex?s son, Elijah. According to Sydney Morning?Herald, the couple had plenty of time to discuss geography arrangements as Alex didn?t want to pull Elijah out from his present school and move him away from his father.

Richie said he?s excited to meet Elijah, whom Alex always spoke about the whole season. The now unavailable bachelor only has praises for his chosen lady love.

?Alex is a remarkable woman and she?s got so many qualities that I absolutely adore,? he said. After Network Ten releases them both from responsibilities, which will run until next week, Richie said all he wanted to do was simply to take Alex out to dinner.

?I just can?t wait to be with her,? the love struck lover boy said.


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