The Bachelor Australia 2016 Winner: Olena Is Real Reality Champion, Not Alex

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The Bachelor Australia 2016 Winner
The Bachelor Australia 2016 Winner

The Bachelor Australia 2016 winner might be Alex, as photos have surfaced concerning Richie Strahan’s and Alex Nation’s luggage put in the same van the following day after filming the final rose ceremony back in June.

In the pics two identifiable bags can be seen which Nation and Strahan have been lagging around before. They were tossed at the back of a vehicle outside a villa in Bali, Indonesia. Nikki Gogan, Alex Nation nor Richie Strahan were not in those photos shown by Daily Mail Australia. However, staff members of the reality show’s production were.

Granted that this is a genuine spoiler alert which can be taken as a dead give-away, does this make Nation the real winner? Not really. Olena Khamula is. Here’s why.

For the first time in The Bachelor‘s history, the reality show gave its audience something true, something real. Khamula laid out to Strahan her genuine thoughts and feelings about him, about her, about their future relationship- and got booted out for it!

Her Mom?s Opinion

On a surprise surfing date, Richie was obviously expecting Khamula to say the things he wanted to hear. Especially when he asked what her mother thought about him during the home visits. Bad idea, mate!

Khamula got straight to the point and told Strahan about her hesitations and her family’s concerns. The logistics was also an issue. She being from Sydney and him from Perth, will the back and forth travelling be truly worth it? As in, is the relationship even gonna last?

The final blow came over dinner. She told him going into home towns and talking to her family made her question things even more. As if he was living in a fairytale. She said,”Be realistic about things-about the relationship, not about you. You’re a great guy but there’s more issues and more concerns and more things to think about.”

BOOM! That must?ve been really painful. However, if Strahan was more emotionally mature and less egotistic, he would read behind the lines, and understand what Khamula meant. Unfortunately, his ego took a major blow and letting go of Khamula was more like, well, good riddance?

Well, how else would you interpret this statement then? He said,”Saying goodbye to Olena wasn’t that difficult. I want to be with a woman that’s going to love me for me. And someone that’s going to see challenges ahead and want to work and overcome them together.

Boohoo. So here?s the thing and remember this folks in case you sign up for the next season. To win in a reality game show, never ever be real. Don?t just say what you want to say, especially if it?s the truth. Say what they expect you to say, what they want to hear. Don?t be genuine. If you can fake it, the better. If you don?t follow this advice, you?ll suffer the same fate as Khamula- you get booted out!

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