?The Bachelor Australia? 2016 Winner: Who Is Joel Porter in Alex’ Life?

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The Bachelor Australia 2016 Winner
The Bachelor Australia 2016 Winner

The Bachelor Australia 2016 winner is finally revealed. And as many of you have guessed, yes, it’s Alex Nation who won Richie Strahan’s heart in the end. But while the couple goes around promoting the reality series, five-year-old son Elijah stays home and gets looked after by gorgeous ex-husband Joel Porter!

Porter took to Instagram sharing sweet snapshots of himself with son Elijah. The two look extremely close and happy to be in each others’ lives. Father’s day weekend was definitely a blast as the two headed out for brunch dates and other weekly adventures. Last week, the Audi dealership hunk, son Elijah and Joel’s partner, Ashy Smith, headed to a zoo and posed for an awesome trio shot.

The Bachelor Winner and Strahan were both quizzed on Friday night on The Project. Waleed Aly asked how the relationship could possibly work if they maintain a long-distance love affair.

“Alex, you’re in Melbourne, Richie, you’re in Perth. How the hell is this going to work? I mean, come on. Who’s going to give up what?” The presenter asked to which Nation replied, “We’re not in any rush. We’re just excited to start this new chapter together.”

Nation further explained that there is obviously a barrier in between. But now they have an amazing home base both in Perth and in Melbourne. She has a little boy and the father is in Melbourne. So that’s an important thing that Strahan and Porter will need to discuss. Nation added that at the moment, they’re just enjoying each other and the start of their new life together.

Earlier, Strahan said he’s open to the idea of relocation for the sake of the relationship. Nation, on the other hand, has a lot of reservations about uprooting Elijah from school and life with his dad in Melbourne to live in Perth.

Nation admitted, “When I think about, like, how we?re trying to make this relationship work, I don’t want to pull the little guy out of school and get him moving around all these different places.”

Strahan Won?t Be Daddy No. 2?

Even if the show finished filming back in May, Nation has not introduced Elijah to Strahan just yet. She said there’s a time for that and that they’re not in a rush. She said that even though the show has ended, their relationship will still be starting out in the real world.

Shortly after their son Elijah was born, Nation and Porter married but soon divorced. So Nation is definitely making the right decision. She and Strahan should definitely take things slowly but surely. Haste makes waste, right? Right!

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