Bachelor Australia 2016 Winner: How Alex Nation Bluffed About Her Victory

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Alex Nation and her son – Photo from Instagram

The Bachelor Australia 2016 winner has finally been revealed: Alex Nation was chosen by Richie Strahan over Nikki Gogan.

The revelation made during the September 15 finale of The Bachelor Australia 2016 shocked viewers. This is because Gogan has been a frontrunner throughout the season.

Alex Nation?s bluff

Fans also got surprised since Nation made a statement earlier this week hinting that she had lost. Now, it seems like the 24-year-old single mom only tried to bluff viewers. ?

During an interview, the TV personality faced rumors that she broke up with her disabled boyfriend in order to join The Bachelor Australia 2016. She was asked by News.com.AU about what Strahan thought about it.

This is when she replied that they haven?t spoken to each other since the show ended. People then connected Nation?s answer to details given by Strahan about how he and The Bachelor Australia 2016 winner have been secretly seeing each other. Because of this, viewers assumed that Nation did not win.


How did Alex Nation keep her Bachelor victory a secret? [Photo from Instagram]

Secret relationship

?It?s been a secret for two-and-a-half, three months,? Strahan said about keeping in touch with this season?s winner. He also added that there were a lot of secret plane rides and fake names involved just to keep everything under wraps. ?

Prior to the announcement, Strahan shared how it was a struggle to keep their relationship private amid all the publicity. ?We try to see each other every two to three weeks,? he said. ?It?s hard? you come off doing this show all you want to do is hang out with your partner, and you can?t.?

Nikki Gogan

Weeks before the finale, runner up Nikki Gogan was rumored to be the real winner. In fact, she herself has made several cryptic messages that fueled speculations about her victory.

Now that Nation is revealed to be The Bachelor Australia 2016 winner, it is likely that Gogan just made those statements to get viewers curious for the finale.

Do you agree with Strahan?s decision to choose Nation as The Bachelor Australia 2016 winner? Did you expect the outcome, or were you also bluffed by its cast members? Let us know by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates.

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