The Bachelor Australia 2016 Predictions: Nikki Has A Chance Against Alex

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The Bachelor Australia 2016 Winner
The Bachelor Australia 2016 Winner

Nikki Gogan and Alex Nation already arrived in Sydney for the much awaited finale of The Bachelor Australia 2016. Finally, it will be known who between these two equally stunning women will win Richie Strahan’s heart.

The Bachelor Australia 2016 predictions claim that Gogan has a greater chance to win than Nation. Earlier in the season, the blonde real estate agent from Western Australia was the fan-favorite to be hailed as the winner.

Gogan used to be at $3.50 to win, but now she was down to $1.70. She ranks lower compared to the Melbourne-based single mother who is on $2.05. While this is the case, several sources claim that Gogan has an undeniable chance against Nation.

Several key signs indicate that Gogan will be the The Bachelor Australia 2016 winner. She and Strahan have a strong bond and chemistry. There?s arguably a huge possibility that The Bachelor will pick her, and not Nation.

Nikki Gogan?s Chances Against Alex Nation

It can be recalled that Gogan was the first one to experience a single date with Strahan among all the ladies in The Bachelor Australia 2016. This means that she has made a great impression on him and first impressions are meant to last. Strahan?s first one-on-one date could mean so much for him that he?ll pick Gogan to have more countless dates with.

Aside from the first date, Gogan also got the first kiss. Unlike what he did with Gogan, Strahan did not pull Nation from a fun cocktail party just to remind her that she is on his mind. Strahan took Gogan to a hidden lounge area away from all the girls so they could talk in private.

Strahan has previously assured Gogan that his feelings for her are as strong as ever. The Bachelor admitted that he sees a lot of Gogan?s beautiful qualities. All these led many fans to believe that Gogan has secured the heart of Strahan.

Find out if Gogan will really win against Nation in the final episode of The Bachelor 2016 on Thursday.

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