?The Bachelor Australia? 2016: Megan Marx Using Alleged Leaked Photos For Publicity?

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Megan Marx – Photo from The Bachelor Australia website

The Bachelor Australia 2016 cast member Megan Marx is the latest victim of a naked photo scandal. However, some people are accusing her of leaking the images herself in order to gain publicity.

The 27-year-old Perth native is known for being one of the most confident contestants of the hit reality dating competition. In fact, she has proudly shared several racy snapshots on her own Instagram page.

Megan Marx photo scandal

However, Marx is now claiming that she is ?devastated? over the recent circulation of new nude pictures. The images have been making rounds throughout Sydney, Melbourne and Western Australia.

Megan Marx – Photo from Instagram

The photos were allegedly taken earlier this year without her consent, all while the reality starlet was supposedly asleep.

Marx has described the ordeal in an interview with Daily Telegraph. ?Obviously, if someone’s taken (nude) pictures of you sleeping it’s incredibly weird and creepy and inappropriate,? she said.

Taken by an ex-boyfriend?

Furthermore, the TV personality said that she has a pretty good idea regarding who could possibly be behind the leak. However, she supposedly cannot confirm who among her ex-boyfriends is responsible for the scandal.

Marx also clarified that she is still thinking about whether or not she should escalate matters to police officials. In Western Australia, it is against the law to take or share a nude photo of somebody without their permission.

Publicity stunt?

However, several people have expressed their doubts over the controversy.

After appearing in The Bachelor Australia 2016, Marx has gained notoriety for regularly posting completely naked photos on social media. According to those who commented on a Megan Marx report in Daily Mail, it is possible that she distributed the nude images herself just to get attention.

?I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she ‘leaked’ these photos herself,? one comment stated. ?She’s naked all the time anyway.?

Marx has also been making news lately for allegedly being in a romantic relationship with The Bachelor Australia 2016 cast member Tiffany Scanlon. This is because of the two?s numerous racy snapshots on Instagram, which people have been scoffing about. ?

?She is fame hungry,? one reader wrote, seconded by several other comments. ?She wants people to talk about her and this fake lesbian relationship just to gain controversy.?

Do you think that Marx is simply trying to stay relevant after The Bachelor Australia 2016? Is it possible that she leaked the nude images herself? Let us know what you think by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates on this scandal.

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