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The Bachelor Australia 2016: Megan Marx Leaves the Show, What?s the Reason?

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The Bachelor Australia?s contestant Megan Marx has left the show, leading the audience to a frenzy last night.

Megan Marx has been one of the tops picks by fans to end up with Bachelor Richie Strahan for the season. Which why is so many people many mixed emotions were stirred when she left the show. Megan just didn?t want to continue living in the drama of the show anymore.

With the show?s sensationalized games and wonky plot twists, last night?s episode has been named by some to be the only real thing to grace the reality show. Even though Megan?s exit is still a huge surprise, many can see why she?s chosen to leave the show.

Like many of the other contestants, Megan?s there for love. In a critical conversation, Megan opens up about her feelings with Alex. She says: “What I’m feeling like is a bit like this game? Richie’s the white ball, all us girls are playing a different game every week, and you never know how close you’re going to get to Richie?.Some weeks I feel really close to Richie and then other weeks, I may as well be throwing the ball, you know?”




Megan understood that she couldn?t fall in love with Richie with setting that the show has placed them in. When Richie offered her a rose, she turned it down and said that she was tired with the drama.

Fans can?t help empathize with Richie as well when he said: I was hoping you could be patient with this process,”. This further showed that Richie does have more real feelings for Megan as well.

Megan might be gone, but the whole fiasco that she left is expected to rake in even more ratings with last night sensational episode. We can only hope that Megan does find what she looking for, off the show.

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