The Bachelor Australia 2016: Keira the Bachelor Villain? Who Else to Watch Out for

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The Bachelor Australia 2016 has quite an interesting mix of contestants this season. While Keira Maguire has obviously been creating more buzz as the show?s alleged ?villain,? we have identified other cast members that have caught the attention of our Bachelor, Richie Strahan.

The 31-year-old hunk started out as a contestant on the previous season of The Bachelorette, where he vied for the heart of Sam Frost. Strahan was beaten by winner Sasha Mielczarek, but as soon as the show ended, viewers rooted for the fan favorite to be the next Bachelor instead. Strahan was so well liked that even Frost herself reportedly lobbied for him to secure the role.

Now that he is officially on the other side of the game as the new Bachelor, Strahan talked about the contestants who stood out from the first time they met.

The Age reported that Strahan first talked about Maguire, who made quite an impression with her negative comments about the other girls. The 29-year-old real estate professional also had a loud, bossy approach during their first night at the Bachelor mansion.

While the sexy blonde has been slammed all over social media, Strahan clarified that Maguire is not exactly The Bachelor Australia?s ?villain.?


Keira has been dubbed as the villain this season.?[Photo: Channel 10 website]

?Everyone has a different kind of personality and I find with Keira, she certainly doesn’t hold back,? he said.

?Sometimes I feel she says what everyone else is thinking – I don’t know if that’s a villain trait. I just feel that’s a very bold trait,? he added. ?

Aside from Maguire, Strahan also defended another contestant from The Bachelor Australia 2016. During the rose ceremony, a 31-year-old Russian blonde named Sasha seemingly got so excited after receiving a rose that she ended up eating the flower right there and then. “I’m standing there and I’m like, ‘Is she eating that rose? What have I gotten myself into??” he joked.


Sasha caught the attention of Richie and the viewers when she ate the rose given at the ceremony.?[Photo: Channel 10 website]

While viewers were quick to make fun of Sasha?s rose-eating antics, Strahan offered a different point of view. “That’s the beauty of a show like this. There’s such a diverse group of unique people, and that’s what we want to have,? he said.

Another colorful contestant in this season of The Bachelor Australia is a 27-year-old child entertainer named Janey. The Queenslander seemingly had a game plan when she spent most of her night without a shoe in order to get the attention of her ?Prince Charming.?


Janey’s “Cinderella” tactic worked well with Richie. [Photo: Channel 10 website]

?It’s always good to have a bit of a game plan, a bit of a tactic,? Strahan said about Janey?s ?Cinderella? attempt. ?She loves the Prince Charming idea … to pull that off took a lot of courage.?

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