The Bachelor Australia 2016 Finale Winner Revealed: Who Did Richie Pick As Final 2?

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bachelor australia 2016

The Bachelor Australia 2016 finale is a few hours away and Richie will soon give the final rose to the love of his life. When the lights dim and the cameras stop rolling, one girl will be whisked away by Prince Charming, and the other will have some getting over to do. Why? Because both finalists have confessed that they are in love with him.

To help Richie make a decision between Nikki, Alex and Olena, he flew them to Bali, Indonesia to share with them his love for the Asian country. He revealed that Bali is one of his most favorite places in the world.

For the first single date, Richie picked up Alex in a beautiful red Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep and gave her a tour of the green Bali countryside. Then he brought her biking through the rice paddies of Ubud until they could find a suitable mound of earth to sit on and talk about what transpired during the hometown visit. ?Verdict: family loved Richie even if brother Adam was intense. The topic about Alex having a son crops up again. Even if they have chemistry, there will always be a catch that Richie needs to commit to. Otherwise, this relationship is doomed to fail.

Nikki?s turn to spend time with Richie started with a very long walk on the sand and ended with an exhilarating flying fish water activity. In the evening, Richie tells her how easy and convenient it would be if they ended up together. This led to warning bells in Nikki?s head, as it would seem like convenience is her only edge over the other two girls. She decides to risk discussing this with Richie, and he is quick to backtrack. ?I wouldn?t be in a relationship just because it?s easy. I wasn?t saying that,? he assured her.

bachelor australia 2016

Richie and Nikki on the Flying Fish (Photo Credit: Tenplay)

Living in a fairytale

Meanwhile, Richie takes Olena surfing, and as they did, she decided to surf the situation as well to see if she can stand on the board and ride with the waves. Her biggest concern is the distance. She is based in Sydney and would not want to be away from her family, so relocation is not an option. Richie is based in Perth but travels quite often. Richie offers a solution of them flying between both cities. Unfortunately, Olena is a realist and hasn?t got her head in the clouds unlike the other two. She tells him she sees it as a mess, and questions if a relationship of travelling back and forwards would last.

Furthermore she tells Richie that the hometown visits made her think if he was living in a fairytale. ??Be realistic about things?about the relationship, not about you. You?re a great guy but there?s more issues and more concerns and more things to think about,? she said.

Easy decision

A flustered Richie declared that with Olena there has always been patience and frustration for him, but now it?s starting to lean a lot more to the frustrations.

Come decision night, Richie gave the remaining two roses to the easy choices, sending Olena home. ?Saying goodbye to Olena wasn?t difficult,? he said ?I want to be with a woman that?s going to love me for me. And someone that?s going to see challenges ahead and want to work and overcome them together.?

Right. With the choice between Nikki and Alex, who would Richie pick to put an end to his bachelorhood in The Bachelor Australia 2016 finale? On the other hand, thank you Olena for bringing the reality to reality TV. ?


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