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The Bachelor Australia 2016: What to Expect in Episode 5; Recap Of Episode 4

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There will be another group date, as well as a single date between Richie and a lucky girl from the fifth episode of The Bachelor Australia 2016. Just so avid viewers know what to expect, there?s a Pretty Woman-inspired scene in which the couple arrive in a limousine. Their destination is at fashion designer Camilla’s store.

The group date was stated to be the funniest and most interesting group date avid viewers can see from the show so far. Fans could expect that there will be a lot of huge revelations. It looks like something happens in every minute. This could not be a very good thing for all the girls. More importantly, nobody should put Baby in the corner.

When asked why a lot of people seem to hate being involved in group dates, host Osher Gunsberg said he could not speak for the girls since he isn?t one of them. But Gunsberg shared his personal views. He said it could be the idea that the girls could be compared when all of them are in the same place. The host said it could also be the uncertainty.

Gunsberg made it clear that though this could be the case, it’s The Bachelor. It’s technically how things were for the past four seasons. He added that the show inevitably involves group of women who are most likely the most attractive in anywhere they go. Then suddenly, they need to compete with each other.

As the reality show progresses, viewers see more interesting episodes. During The Bachelor Australia Season 4, a dance competition was held in which Keira has won. It also showed Faith and Richie in a sexy water pool game of ball. But first, they spent time together at the bar counter. The scene looked like one from a James Bond film.

During the cocktail party, Eliza and Keira exchanged some opposing views. All the ladies attended the rose ceremony. Sophie and Marja were dumped in Season 4.


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