The Bachelor Australia 2016 Aftermath: Richie Becomes Most Hated Man on TV After Dumping Nikki Gogan

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bachelor australia 2016

He may have found his happy ending, but Australia sure isn?t happy with it. The Bachelor Australia 2016 drew to a close yesterday as Richie Strahan made his decision on who he has chosen to give the final rose to.

Up until Richie?s big decision, viewers had thought Nikki Gogan ticked off all the blanks in the bachelor?s heart. Even his mom seemed to have been taken by her after only a brief grilling, compared to Alex Nation whom his mom had big concerns with.

Nikki herself thought and felt positive it was going to be her. ?I feel it?s me. Every ounce of me says it?s me,? the blonde real estate agent from Northam had assured herself moments before hearing Richie?s decision.

Well, it was not.

The 1.3 million Bachelor Australia 2016 viewers, which assures a return of the program in 2017, watched as Richie built her hopes up with his speech, and then he stabbed a knife through her heart.

?Going on this adventure, my family gave me some advice?and that advice was to follow my heart. And, Nikki, I really hope you understand, but my heart is with Alex.?

For a moment, everything went still, and in that moment, Australia lost its affection for the strawberry blonde boy from Perth.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their non-love for the golden boy.

To the very end, Nikki played the game like a champ. It was after all a dating game, and she had watched patiently as Richie dated 24 other girls during the season. It took all her resolve to smile through the emotions that built up as the boy broke her heart in front of national television.

Honest but dignified

?I do wish you all the very best. I thought what we had was special but what you have with Alex must just top all of that. Good luck,? she said and then walked away.

Nikki?s post eviction car monologue was even more heartbreaking as she remained honest but dignified after the events that transpired. She said she didn?t have any hard feelings for Richie and respects the decision that he has made.

Hang in there, Nikki! Australia feels that after this experience, the right guy for you would just be around the corner. This time, you may not have to watch him make up his mind among 25 girls first, before settling for one.

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