Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner: Surprise! We Bet You Didn?t See This One Coming, Why Sam Chose Snezana Over Lana

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We bet you were caught off-guard when you saw Sam Wood pick the single mother from Perth. Claims that Channel 10?s The Bachelor Australia 2015 winner is Snezana Markoski were proven true after Sam gave not only his final rose to Snezana, he also gave her a promise ring as well as a heart-shaped necklace for her daughter Eve.

If you were wondering why Sam chose Snezana over Lana Jeavons-Fellows, the show has been filled with hints on why Snezana was destined to win Sam?s heart and live happily ever after. Supposedly.

Why The Bachelor Australia 2015 Winner Was Always Going To Be Snezana

According to The Sunday Morning Herald, one of the many hints was Snezana being the first woman she kissed during their romantic hot air balloon trip, Sam publicly kissing Snezana in front of all the other contestants, and Sam frequently sneaking Snezana away during group dates so they could have more solo time with one another.

You could really tell that Sam was really gunning for Snezana and he was only waiting to wait for the competition to end. Sam actually revealed this after the competition. From the moment Sam took Snezana on a date, Sam said he already knew that Snezana would stay until the end of The Bachelor. ?But the show still has to run for a certain amount of time and you have to still date the other girls,? Sam said as reported by the Daily Mail.

According to SMH, Lana?s second to the last date with Sam was inferior to what Sam had planned for the women from Perth. Sam not only took her to a ballet performance at the Opera House in Sydney, she was also taken for a ride inside a Lamborghini and she was made to wear a new dress.

When you thought that Sam was already madly in love with Snezana and was highly sure of picking her as the winner, Snezana?s latter revelation that she has truly fallen in love with Sam, has sealed the deal.

We really could see how madly in-love the Snezana and Sam are as shown in the video?below. Were you happy with Snezana being The Bachelor Australia 2015 winner?

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