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‘The Bachelor’ Animal Shelter Spinoff Features A Dog To Promote Pet Adoption

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Photo from Santa Fe Animal Shelter Facebook page

A parody of “The Bachelor” featuring a dog as its star is going viral around the internet. An animal shelter released the video right before Valentine’s Day. While it poked fun at the popular reality dating competition, it was primarily meant to promote pet adoption.

Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society came up with the entertaining two-minute clip. It starred a dog named Stewart who is said to be available and yearning for a committed relationship. The rest of the cast was comprised of different women who are all supposedly looking for love.

‘The Bachelor’ dog version

Although meant to just mimic “The Bachelor” contestants, the cast seemed serious about why they want to be with Stewart.  Show visuals, such as name plates and dramatic shots, were also copied from the hit romantic program. The random mix of women and challenges – such as the famous two-and-one date – was also incorporated.

One girl exaggerated being excited since she has “never been out of the country before.” Another admits to being an “in-the-closet cat person.” Just like those who join the human version, there are a lot of crying involved.

Pet adoption

Those behind the New Mexico-based organization released teaser snippets for weeks. The full version of the promotional material was eventually revealed in time for Valentine’s Day. It has received over 79,000 views and has been shared thousands of times as of February 15.

Even though Stewart is apparently already “taken,” the clip reminded that there are a lot of other pets up for adoption. Some netizens who commented about the dog parody even said that getting a dog or cat is more ideal than being in a relationship. Others also joked online that the spoof is better than the actual “Bachelor” series.

The Dog Bachelor – The Final Cut

We make love happen! Please enjoy our take on The Bachelor – The Dog Bachelor! Thanks to everyone who made this video possible. We have many bachelors and bachelorettes waiting for you at the shelter! #adopt

Posted by Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society on Friday, February 10, 2017


WJBF was able to interview some of the animal shelter employees who came up with the now-viral campaign. Videographer Jamie Meredith narrated how she pushed the female cast members to be as catty and dramatic as “The Bachelor” contestants.  “I was telling the girls, ‘You have to be more dramatic. More tears,’” she recalled. Apparently, those in the parody were also mostly employees of the animal shelter.

A rep from Santa Fe Animal Shelter and Humane Society said they have around 75-100 animals ready to be adopted every day. Meredith emphasized on the main purpose of the funny video: to find these animals’ “forever homes.” “It just seemed like a good platform to do that,” she said about “The Bachelor” twist.

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