The Bachelor 2016 Women Tell All Special Spoilers: Olivia to Face Off Against Jennifer and Amanda?

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The Bachelor 2016

?The Bachelor 2016? has already ended, and the finale really left fans wanting more. During the final episode of ?The Bachelor Season 20?, everyone was surprised when our bachelor said ?I love you? to the last two women. While Ben Higgins ended up giving the final rose to Lauren, saying that he loved both women really added more tension and excitement leading up to the ?Women Tell All? special.

In The Bachelor 2016 Women Tell All special, which airs tonight, Lauren and JoJo finally meet once again, which is their first meeting since the season finale. Not only will the episode feature the reunion between Lauren, JoJo and Ben, but it will, likewise, see some of the women this season clash with each other and finally have the chance to voice their feelings towards each other.

According to a report from Inquistr, two women who will be facing off against each other are Olivia and Jennifer. Olivia has seemingly been cast as the villain of this season as she has been the most provocative candidate in The Bachelor Season 20. While Olivia had received the first impressions rose from Ben in the first episode of the show, she was eventually eliminated several episodes later.

Jennifer faced off with Olivia as the former confronts the latter for her behavior of pulling Ben away during one of the group dates held earlier in the show. Amanda, likewise, chimed in as she confronted Olivia for her negative statements about the former being a single mother. According to Us Weekly, Jubilee will also give out a piece of her mind to some of the women for very harsh comments they had made during the January 18 episode of the show.

The Bachelor 2016 has concluded, but the fans of the show just can?t get enough. Be sure to watch The Bachelor 2016 Women Tell All special and get to enjoy one last episode of the amazing show.

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