The Bachelor 2016 Winner Revealed, But Was It All Just A Show? Higgins Building Career, To Join DWTS?

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Now that the Bachelor 2016 is finished, many are wondering what would be the next move Ben Higgins is planning alongside his fiance Lauren Bushnell. Is there really a chance that the gentleman is going to join another competition?

Recently, there were rumors saying Higgins is going to participate in ABC?s dance competition Dancing With The Stars (DWTS). But, in a recent report by International Business Times, the gentleman clarified that he is not and his sole focus right now is Lauren.

?My focus is not on what?s next. It?s on Lauren and I. Any decision that was made post show was based on what was best for us, and I believe that what?s best for us is to really concentrate on what?s best for us and to really spend as much time together as possible,? Higgins shared.

The statement came a month after the Bachelor participant told IBT that he is open to any opportunity as long as it would be the best for him. Apparently, what is best for him right now is focusing on his fiance and planning the future for them.

In a related report by Variety, the outlet asked Higgins if he was actually offered by ABC to join DWTS. ?Right now, a lot of those requests come down through the ABC pipeline so, I don?t want to call it offers, but just people asking if I?m interested comes down from a group that is separate that [sic] me. Was I asked? I?m sure it was talked about,? he explained.

Clearly, Higgins has decided and he is definitely not joining the dance competition. On the other hand, aside from their future plans, the couple was also asked if they would have a TV wedding. ?We haven?t ruled anything out and all of the support from everyone has ?been so amazing that it would be something that we would consider. It?s not ruled out, but we also don?t know what opportunities are going to present themselves, but all we know is that we want to get married,? Bushnell said.

Well, it seems like the couple has no bigger plans yet aside from spending ?as much time together as possible.? But, fans are definitely waiting for the big wedding so let us all just wait for the further announcement of the details.

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