The Bachelor 2016: Will Lauren Return Engagement Ring As She Can?t Get Over Ben Being In Love With Jojo?

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Looks like the drama isn?t over after The Bachelor 2016 Season 20 finale, because winner Lauren B is reportedly fighting with her future hubby, Ben Higgins.

According to a report by Celebrity Dirty Laundry, Lauren still can?t get over the fact that our bachelor confessed his love for Jojo Fletcher before and during the finale even after Ben chose her and went down on one knee to make his proposal. The report states that Lauren even returned the engagement ring and a TV wedding is out of the question due to Ben?s love for another woman.

He already broke Jojo?s heart, the woman whom he said that he had a deep connection with and also regarded as his ?best friend.? And we thought Lauren would be happy after the proposal but seeing that Ben appears to be closer to Jojo and is more honest with him, the rumors of jealousy and the TV wedding being called off could be true.

Lauren did say yes to Ben, but will she be happy after the cameras have stopped rolling and knowing that his fianc?e has feelings for another woman?

Meanwhile, Variety reports Lauren is moving to Denver with Ben where they will hopefully have their happy ending, or more accurately, a happy beginning. The report also states that their wedding will not be aired on the show after all and will be scheduled for another time.

As for fan favorite Jojo Fletcher who was left heartbroken in the finale, E! reports that it has been confirmed that she will star as the next Bachelorette! Jade Roper, Bachelor alumni and recent bride, shared, ?I think JoJo would make an amazing Bachelorette. She?s so sexy and cool and outgoing,? and also added that ?all the men? love her.

Caila Quinn, the second runner-up this season was originally tapped as the next Bachelorette by the producers but it appears that they have changed their minds at the last minute.

So do you think Lauren is really fighting with her future hubby? Or is she completely happy now that Ben chose her and has him all to herself?

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