The Bachelor 2016 Wedding: Ben To Marry Lauren On TV?

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The Bachelor 2016 Wedding

Despite rumors that the newly engaged couple, Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, had fought after the proposal that happened during The Bachelor 2016 finale, a TV wedding is still on. The internet is abuzz about when the wedding will be as the Season 20 lead man and winner are reportedly already planning their big day.

E! News was able to sit down with the couple and they said that they are still looking into having ABC air their wedding day on TV.

?That?s an opportunity we’d have to look into,? Ben said. ?We are returning to the stage of life now where we can be public as an engaged couple. And now, whatever opportunities come up and whatever conversations happen, we?ll listen. If it?s something that seems to be best for us and also for the people who have now watched our love story for the last couple of months then great. If not, we?ll definitely celebrate privately with friends and family still.?

Ben and Lauren were given an opportunity to get married then and there during the finale on Monday night after Ben had given his chosen girl the final rose. But they didn?t want to rush things, although they still really considered getting married on the spot for a second there.

As for their actual future wedding plans, Lauren tells E!, ?I would love to set a date and start the planning and start getting excited about that,? while Ben revealed their ideal timeline, ?We talked this morning on the plane, I would love to do 2016, early 2017. I don?t want to rush to the point where it?s stressful, but I also don?t want to wait too long.?

Other couples from the reality show franchise, Jade and Tanner just tied the knot on ABC early this year. Trista Sutter, who was the original Bachelorette married Ryan Sutter in a 2003 ABC special, while Sean and Catherine Lowe, and Jason and Molly Mesnick, who were fan-favorite couples also tied the knot in front of Bachelor Nation, E! writes.

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