The Bachelor 2016 Finale Prediction: Mom Has Made The Choice For Ben?

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The Bachelor 2016 finale is even made more exciting after Ben Higgins has expressed his love to both Lauren B and Jojo. Come Monday night, he must pick one. Who will she be? If Ben?s mother has a say, Jojo is it. But, in fact, mom did say it already.

In a sneak peek of the ?Final Rose? episode–the day Ben will sit down with Chris Harrison live to reveal his choice–Ben?s mother, Amy, revealed her choice. ?If I was to make that decision for Ben today, if it depended on me, I would pick Jojo,? she said in a news posted by US Weekly, her eyes welling up.

The tease video released by ABC may have spoiled the finale. Let?s consider these scenarios in the final episode teaser:

Ben makes a phone call appearing confused. Is she calling Lauren B. or Jojo? He could have been calling mom. Why do we think so? If he?s calling the losing woman, he?d likely appear dejected or gloomy to have had broken the bad news. On the other hand, if she?s calling his choice, he?d definitely look happy and excited. Confused? He?s probably asking his mom?s advice. In that case, congratulations in advance, Jojo!

Amy wants Jojo, a real estate developer, for her son because she has ?way more style,? the mom said. ??Just because you referred to her as the first person who will reassure me and tell me it?s gonna be OK, and that, for me, is really all I needed to hear,? Amy was heard in the sneak peek video replying to Ben over a phone call.

Do you think Ben will risk future awkward family gatherings if he?d go for Laura B.? To her credit, Amy apologized for announcing her choice because that may have placed Lauren B. in a catch 22 should she win. No, Amy, you should apologize to The Bachelor fans; you?ve just spoiled the outcome. We think.

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