The Bachelor 2016 Finale Live Stream–Watch Final Episode & ‘After The Final Rose’ Special Online

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Bachelor 2016 Finale

This is it, the hour the world awaits, well, The Bachelor 2016 finale fans are waiting to find out who Mrs. Ben Higgins is. The final episode is airing at 8PM EST on ABC.


Here is the ABC channel finder to locate your local station.

Live stream

If you can?t watch on tv, you can watch the The Bachelor 2016 finale and ?After the Final Rose? special via ABC Watch Live. The live stream is available through Comcast, Cablevision, DISH, DirectTV, Midcontinent Communications, Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber, and AT&T U-verse.

Social media

If you can?t access the live tv coverage and live stream, you can head to the official ABC Network Facebook page and follow a blow-by-blow thread. Or, follow #thebachelor on Twitter to get the latest posts and feedback on the latest developments of the final episode.


For mobile users, download ABC Watch Live Mobile App on Google Play or Apple App Store, or follow the moment of truth in Amazon

So, there you go, there?s no reason you can?t watch The Bachelor 2016 finale live even while in the middle of a board meeting, in the middle of the road, or even while skydiving.

To recap, Ben Higgins is set to choose between Lauren B. and Jojo, after expressing his ?love? to both in past episodes. Ben?s mom, meanwhile, wants her son to choose Jojo. Rumors likewise abound that Ben has already chosen Lauren at the conclusion of the show?s taping last November.

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