The Bachelor 2016 Finale Winner: Ben Higgins Is In BIG Trouble Behind The Scenes?

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Bachelor 2016 Finale

The Bachelor 2016 Season 20 finale airs March 14 on ABC and as dramatic as the show gets on air, what more could it have in store for our leading man, Ben Higgins, behind the scenes?

Just over a week before the finale, our Season 20 bachelor just dropped the L-bomb on two women and his fianc?e, Lauren Bushnell, is not too happy about it. In fact, it seems like she wants to break up with our lead man, Wetpaint reports.

An insider shared that his fianc?e is ?having a very hard time getting over the fact that Ben told another woman ?I love you? within hours of proposing to her.?

Uh-oh, looks like the Indiana hunk is in trouble.

The source continued that the last few months were ?brutal? for the Ben and his fianc?e as they have been ?fighting non-stop.? Our lead man also ?feels emotionally dumped? and seeing how things are going, it looks like there?s no more romance between them, the insider adds.

Over the last few weeks before the finale, our bachelor has been saying out loud that he is ?happier than ever? with the woman he chose. But we just don?t know which woman. Is it still his fianc?e Lauren B? Or Jojo Fletcher whom he also said those three words to?

On last week?s Women Tell All special, Ben even said that he could ?marry her tomorrow? because he is just so in love.

But then again, who is he talking about here? Wetpaint quotes a source via OK! Magazine, ?The winner knew that Ben had feelings for the runner-up, but she didn?t realize how strong those feelings were until she watched the show.?

The mag also speculates that the original couple was only ?sticking it out for the sake of the show? and is already broken up behind the scenes.

Could this be true? Are they really heading for a break up in the finale? Will Ben Higgins change his mind after the final rose? Stay tuned to find out on The Bachelor Season 20 finale, March 14 at 8pm ET on ABC.


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