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The Bachelor 2016: Alex Flips Out on Rachael

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Alex flips out over Rachael getting some time with Richie, Nikki doesn?t believe Alex.?Alex has been quite a quirky contestant on The Bachelor 2016. She gives off a stalker vibe. She?s pretty obsessed with Richie. Alex is also a bit delusional and possessive with how she perceives herself with Riche.

Alex even calls Richie, Rich during her private camera moment. When Alex told the other that Richie couldn?t make it to the barbecue, she says: ?Yeah, Rich couldn?t make it this arv, sorry…He?s fishing with the boys.?

Its pretty apparent that she calls him Rich to try and establish her deluded fantasy to the other that she has a closer relationship with him.

During Wednesday night?s episode of The Bachelor 2016, Alex?s creepy personality had reached new heights. Alex?s downward spiral started when Steph was able to get a single date with Richie.


Alex’s Downward Spiral Starts

Alex immediately voiced out her comments degrading Steph to Richie?s friend zone. She says: ?I think Steph?s fun ? but I kind of don?t think she?s Richie?s girl,? she assured us. ?I think they?d make great friends and he?d be able to call her up for a beer, like, she?d be one of the boys. But I don?t picture the two of them having a future together.?

Alex then proceeded to be very happy for Steph?s date even though it was apparent how repulsed she was.

During the cocktail party in the evening, Alex?s possessive creepy nature was seen when Richie whisked Kiki away for the first chat of the night.

What’s interesting is that Alex still has a white rose. She can take Richie away whenever she wanted. It was apparent that she just doesn?t want to use it because she?s always managed to get Richie without it before. It?s pretty clear her pride took a huge blow seeing that she knew she wanted to use the rose.

Alex was relieved when Richie eventually approached her but things escalated quickly when Rachael and Richie disappear.

Alex Flips Out

Alex flips out saying: ?WHERE?S RACHAEL IS SHE WITH RICHIE WHERE DID THEY GO DID YOU SEE WHERE THEY WENT?? she blurts out. While Alex is going through her rampage, Rachel and Richie get some well envied alone time on the porch.

The whole moment triggers Alex. She start throwing accusations about Rachael like there?s no tomorrow. Alex told Steph and Nikki that Rachael said: ?You know, you?re a single mum, what?s the point in you being here when Nikki is already the chosen winner???

Alex continued sobbing saying:?And I was devastated. She was very open in saying that she thought Richie had chosen … that you were his person. And she pretty much told me to go home.?

What?s convenient for Alex?s story is that Rachael was conveniently never been filmed saying any of those things. Nikki gave Alex a look that she was pretty skeptical with her story.

Nikki did eventually sympathize with Alex and even comforted her saying: ?I don?t think that Rachael speaks for Richie?And I don?t want you to let anyone else get in your head.?

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