Donald Trump Death Predicted By Baba Vanga, Blind Psychic Who Predicted 911?

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Baba Vanga
Donald Trump Death

Trump?s death hoax/virus-scam is still making rounds in the Internet and now we have a new story on Trump?s demise. And although bogus death stories are more common these days, this one is actually a death theory. The theory pertains to the past predictions made by the famous blind Bulgarian psychic, Baba Vanga.?

Trump?s Death

First off, Baba Vanga did not make a specific prediction that Donald Trump will die. However, we?re about to hit the target date of one of her most unnerving predictions that has a long string of probable implications if it were to come true.

So what is this prediction? She predicted that Barack Obama will be the ?last US president.? Although the details are still a mystery just as many other predictions are, she did however also predict correctly that Obama would be the 44th President. So yes, with one of her modern day predictions being accurate, people are becoming paranoid.

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If Barack Obama were to be the last US president, what?s going to happen next? What?s going to happen to Trump? Heck, what?s going to happen to everyone?

Although we don?t have the answers yet, speculations of what?s to come are on the rise. One of the most prominent one is that Trump is going?to die just before he gets sworn into office. Another plausible scenario would be a huge event set to take place just before Trump gets sworn in. This event would then stop an incoming Trump presidency.

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Baba Vanga

If you?re still skeptical, then maybe hearing some of Baba Vanga?s predictions?may just convert you to the paranoid side. First off, she?s regarded as the Balkan version of Nostradamus. But what has made her name famous long after her demise is the fact that a large majority of her predictions have actually occurred.

She?s been credited for predicting 9/11, the devastating 2004 tsunami, Obama?s presidency, and many others. Her current rate of success is at 85 percent. Which means that there is a pretty good chance that her predictions may come true.

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