Awesome Plastic Ball Surprise

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Everybody is a kid at heart and those who played with a lot of plastic balls in malls or in various day cares can attest to this. Even as adults, a room or play area surrounded by plastic balls can be surprisingly fun and relaxing.

In the video we have here, a conversation between a husband and wife seems to be taking place. The mom is away and the dad says that he?ll do something and play with the kids to keep them from being bored. Little did she know that the dad had friends come over with a container van full of plastic balls enough to cover their whole living room! The friends setup a trampoline and filled it with plastic balls as well.

As you can imagine, the looks on the kid?s faces were priceless and they had the time of their lives. (Note: some tricks in the video should not be attempted at home). To top it all off, the dad surprises the mom when she comes home as she gets to see the amazing amount of plastic balls covering their house. Needless to say, everybody had a blast and everything turned out to be an awesome plastic ball surprise.

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