Award-winning TV Series ‘Reading Rainbows’, Now an App!

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Reading Rainbows was a popular 1980s TV series that lasted ?until 2006. LeVar Burton has been the main man in bringing the good-feeling of seeing Reading Rainbows back through a tablet app program. He tossed a campaign in Kickstarter for the programming of the app. Reading Rainbows received an overwhelming response from supporters as it made history for having the most number of backers in Kickstarter reaching 91,000 backers. Currently, Reading Rainbows already garnered nearly $5 million funding.

Reading matters!

LeVar Burton believes that every child has the right to be literate. He calls the attention of parents to take up the responsibility as?1 out of 4 children in the USA will grow up illiterate.

Reading Rainbow was the chosen TV program because it has already shown effective results as it successfully used television to produce a generation of kids who loves to read and this time, smartphones will be the way to produce another generation of lifelong readers. The TV program back then received 200 Broadcast awards including one Peabody and 26 Emmys.

Problem and Solution

Not all families have access to tablets. The campaign is to reach kids everywhere that is why it broadened its reach to web, other mobile devices, game consoles, and televisions. Classrooms will also have access to reading rainbows so that ?teachers can highly motivate their students easily and efficiently. The initial goal of $1,000,000, means putting Reading Rainbow in over 1,500 classrooms at no cost to the schools but when $5,000,000 was reached, over 7,500 classrooms will have Reading Rainbows, FOR FREE!


Reading Rainbows made it to the top 5 most successful campaigns in Kickstarter. The other four successful campaigns helped Reading Rainbow?s campaign through attracting supporters with their own rewards using their products.

The Pebble smartwatch, OUYA Android Gaming console, Pono music player and Veronica Mars movie presented their own marketing strategies to support the Reading Rainbow?s campaign.

The Pebble smartwatch is a digital watch that connects to an Android or iOS device that gives you acess to apps through the device, and? they have created an A Jet-Black Pebble special edition smartwatch offered to 500 backers that pledge $140. Each smartwatch will come with LeVar Burton?s signature engraved into the metal back plate.

OUYA, on the other hand, created a one-time limited edition sky-blue console for the campaign. For a??pledge of $250, the reward will be the console and a controller, and will be hand-signed by LeVar Burton. Pledgers can also choose to donate an Ouya to a school for $150.

The high-quality music player, Pono will make a special edition Reading Rainbow PonoPlayers as a reward for the 20 people who pledge $750, ?also with the signature of Burton (laser-engraved) including audio tracks with a message from Burton.

Lastly, the ?Veronica Mars movie offered three tickets to those who will pledge $750, ?to attend the live reading in Los Angles by Burton together with the stars of Veronica Mars.

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