Avengers Infinity War Trailer, Plot Spoilers: ‘Leaked Video’ Promises Captain Marvel Appearance?

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Avengers Infinity War
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Marvel Studios has been very tight-lipped about Avengers Infinity War. Fans still don’t know whether or not some of the superheroes they’re expecting to see will indeed grace the movie. While there have been indications that she’ll likely show up, the studio hasn’t confirmed that yet and it probably won’t until the film premieres. However, there’s a new Infinity War video gaining traction lately, teasing us the highly-awaited Carol Danvers appearance.

The video in question is a fan-made trailer from YouTube. It features MCU’s superheroes struggling to fight Thanos as he uses the Infinity Stones to apparently wipe out all life in the universe. “All those who despise me shall be ashamed and disgraced,” the Mad Titan says in the footage. “I will find strength, find guidance, and I will triumph.”

The entirety of the 2-minute footage consists of recycled clips of the Avengers and Thanos from previous installments. Surprisingly, though, Captain Marvel is in it too.

It is unclear where the clip came from. Just before the video ends, we can see Iron Man seemingly fighting a short-haired blonde in a red suit. Fans of Danvers should know that there’s another iteration of her character with this type of hair. Does this mean we’ll get the short-haired version in MCU?


Captain Marvel in the MCU

At this point, we cannot know for sure. Production for the solo film won’t start until January next year. So it remains to be seen if Brie Larson, who will take on the role, will have her hair cut short or styled like the common long-haired Captain Marvel.

Regardless, we can expect a good performance from her. Larson has already shown the world that she’s hard at work researching her role as Carol Danvers in the MCU. More recently, she shared the pressure that goes along with heading the studio’s first female-centered superhero film.

“I feel a great responsibility,” she said in an interview. “I want to create this symbol of strength and humour for women that I really wish I had had growing up. It feels so valuable.”

First Female-Centric Marvel Film

There isn’t much known about Captain Marvel save from Larson’s casting. Marvel has not named a director for the movie yet, but all remarks point out that it’s definitely moving forward.

The same goes with her appearance in Infinity War. So far her inclusion is all but confirmed, although there was a previous casting call leaked, indicating she’s making a debut in the third Avengers installment. The casting details, courtesy of MovieCastingCall, listed Larson in the alleged official cast list.

Beyond that, we only have fans’ heavy speculations. Assuming the leak is accurate, though, the next question would be whether she is simply Carol Danvers before she gets her powers, or is already a fully powered hero. There were reports before that Marvel is tweaking her origin to avoid comparisons with Green Lantern’s, so there’s a chance we might see her in Avengers 3 simply as Carol Danvers.

Then again, we can not confirm anything until the film premieres. Avengers Infinity War is set for release on May 4, 2018 while Captain Marvel will release after the massive team up movie on March 8, 2019.

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