Australia’s Here Come the Habibs Season 2: Comedy and Chaos Renewed on Channel Nine

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Fans of ?Here Come the Habibs? can now expect an all new season after Australia?s Channel Nine network confirmed another season. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, prior to the end of the first season, the network announced that they have given the ?GO? signal to create Here Come the Habibs Season 2. The news received different kinds of response and views, with some tagging the show as being ?casually racist? and ?outdated.?

So it looks like Channel Nine is capitalizing on the highly successful premiere of the show last February, wherein it amassed a total of 1.4 million viewers nationwide at the time. Its success came as far as placing second in the nightly rankings, trailing behind ?My Kitchen Rules?

?Here Come the Habibs? eventually plummeted in ratings from its 1.4 million viewers to only 800,000. Nevertheless, Channel Nine expressed their excitement over their ordering of a new season saying ?After 15 years without a new comedy on commercial TV, Australia has fallen for the Habibs. We’re delighted to bring back the Habibs and their uptight neighbours for another series of comedy, chaos and multicultural mayhem.”

According to the Australia Network News, ‘Here Come the Habibs’?drew criticism after some jabs of racism against the Lebanese custom. Head writer Phil Lloyd, on the other hand, downplayed that part saying ?We wanted to tell stories that perhaps you wouldn’t see in another show. We didn’t go, ‘What can we say about race relations or race?’ but we thought it would be funny to lampoon attitudes and prejudices.?

‘Here Come the Habibs’?is about a Lebanese family who won the lottery and somehow manages to end up in a posh suburb in Sydney, Australia. The chaos begins after cultures are compromised, neighbors starting to dislike them and relatives coming to visit them after the news broke that they?ve won. Everything else seemed too distraught to even enjoy their winnings, but well, that makes the Habibs even more exciting.

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