Australian Stunt Rider Robbie Maddison Surfs On Motorcycle! (Watch)

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If you only think motorcycles are just for track racing and motocross, well think again.

A video from DC Shoes is starting to go viral as it was uploaded a few hours ago with Robbie Maddison being the main feature. The Pipe Dream video shows Maddison riding across the water surface with his motocross bike. His bike was modified with skis on its wheels and a propeller tyre on the back of the bike, allow him to ride fast and with ease on bodies on water, whether it?s a river or at the sea.

Maddison took his bike for a spin at the uncharted waters of Teahupoo and Papara, a part in the island of Tahiti, French Polynesia, southern Pacific Ocean.

According to an interview from Surfer Magazine, Maddison explained that the motorcycle surfing was an idea from him after seeing his wife ride a wakeboard. He noted that it was a stupid idea of ?putting skis on bikes and riding on water?, after experimenting with the designs and concepts, it finally became a reality, he even said that he could not think of that crazy idea if he did not grew up being a surfer. He also explained that thanks to his growing years surfing at the beach south of Sydney, we would not have the confidence in pulling off this stunt.

Despite being a motorbike stunt rider, Robbie Maddison has been surfing for 26 years starting at the age of 8. The video has been making waves to extreme sports enthusiasts. The video has reached more than 150,000 views a few hours after it was uploaded.

In his career for motocross stunts, Maddison managed to break a world record twice in a single event for the longest motorcycle jump during the Crusty Demons Night of World Records in March of 2008.

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