Audio Wearable Tech Trends : Hi-Hat, Bloom Boots, Digems, Speaker Messenger Bag, and WTF Shirt

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Integrated Audio Wearable Technology

Audio Wearable Tech Trends :?? Hi-Hat, Bloom Boots, Digems, Speaker Messenger Bag, and WTF Shirt?

The trending site Trendhunter recently featured a slew of articles on audio wearable tech ? audio devices that are integrated into various everyday wearable items. From hats to boots, and in-between, wearable technology that brings us ?sound?, is slowly creeping into our lives. More and more devices, especially audio gadgets, are becoming more and more portable. Still, today’s gadget savvy generation requires even more integration of audio technology devices, into clothing and accessories, that do not sacrifice the comfortability and fashion that they demand at the same time.

Here is a brief rundown of some of the trending audio tech devices that are ingeniously being incorporated into our everyday garments and accessories.

1. Hi Hat Knitted Toque – This knitted cap comes with built in headphones.

For those who have a hard time wearing winter outfits (especially headgear), and listening to their audio devices at the same time, the Hi-Hat provides the needed warmth to your head (and ears) while you listen to your favorite tunes with your MP3 gadget. The Hi-Hat has built in speakers that is easily connected to your iPod or other music device.

2. Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies ? The Bloom Wellington Boots will allow you to sing along to Gene Kelly’s ?I‘m Singing In The Rain?, while you actually dance and splash in the rain.

The Bloom Wellington Boots, designed in an iconic yellow color, come with built in speakers and a waterproof pouch to carry your MP3 device. The audio tech footwear is created by a company called Firebox, in partnership with, a music service outfit.

The ?Wellies?also come with a 5 hour playback and a 6 month free subscription to the catalog of songs. Users of the Bloom FM Bluetooth Wellies can choose from over 18 million tunes in the collection. The boots come with a mini-USB cable for easy charging.

Reports say that a very limited number of boots have been made (just 10 for now) so those who are interested should try to grab it fast.

3. Digems ? Turning your iPod Nano into a jewelry accessory.

The Digem transforms your iPod Nano 6G into a piece of jewelry that you can customize and wear. People who complain that they cannot bring their iPod to formal evening events can now use the Digem in order to let them listen to their own music collection, all night long.

4. Speaker Messenger Bag ? The perfect bag to carry your stuff, and share music with your mates.

Portable audio MP3 players with earphones are just fine, when you want to listen alone while walking by yourself. However, when you are with your friends, you sometimes want to share your tunes with them, while lugging along all the stuff you need to carry. The Speaker Messenger Bag is a stylish messenger bag that not only packs all the stuff you need to carry, but also has built in speakers to play your music for everyone to hear.

5. WTF Shirt ? A shirt that keeps your iPhone safe and clean all the time.

This shirt, that comes in a stylish design, is equipped with an iPhone shaped pocket and a threading hook that is built inside the collar, for the headphones. A static-free cleaning cloth is thrown in to keep the iPhone display spotless at all times.

Priced at US$ 59 dollars, the shirt is available at?their Indiegogo page.

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