Attack on Titan Video Game Arrives on Xbox One this August; Read More About Game Control Here

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This coming August, the Attack on Titan video game will arrive on the PlayStation, PC and Xbox One consoles. Before that, there are few things the player may need to understand before playing the game. If you?re not familiar with any of the Attack on Titan anime or manga, this maybe the perfect time for you to get its full concept before playing playing the game.

Players have a whole city and its town folks to protect. Attack on Titan is based on the apparent isolation of people in walled cities to protect themselves from the cannibal Titans. In a world where people think they were safe, the sudden appearance of Titans through the walls made all effort out to fight against them.

Playing the Attack on Titan video game lets players do the task of protecting the city. However, not everything about it has to do with the city itself. According to reports, the players will have the option to play as the protector of some parts of the city, becoming an escort in order to help a group cross the city, or become a direct killer of a Titan.

The side mission of the Attack of Titan video game is playable in co-op mode and requires at least 4 players to complete the missions. Titans can be damaged through their limbs, but players can only kill them when they?re able to strike them at the back of their necks. The manner by which a player will be able to get around the Titan and kill him with a blow is where the challenge comes in.


In the Attack on Titan video game, the people in the city are able to discover the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear (ODM) wherein they can move from one place to the other by swinging (just like how Spiderman does it). By doing so, they can start attacking the Titan in the most effective manner.

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