Attack On Titan Season 3: Past Moments That Will Heavily Impact The Story

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Attack on Titan Season 3
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Attack on Titan recently finished its second season and it’ll be a year-long wait before the third season starts. The second season just showed more information about the Titans and its character’s effort to use their Titan powers to push their own agendas. Here’s some past moments to remember that’ll be key to understanding Season 3.

Season 2

Before we start the Season 3 discussion, we must understand what happened in Season 2’s last episode. Eren Yaeger awoke to another power that allows him to manipulate other Titans to do his bidding. In the manga, Eren received this ability as of its fourth story arc, Clash of the Titans. The episode already showed a large fight between Eren’s Titan friends and the Warrior Titans. More than seeing more of this power in action, fans will have to remember that Titan powers are obtainable rather than naturally existing among people.

Ape Titan

Speaking of important Titans, the sapient Beast Titan (or Ape Titan) makes an appearance this Season 2. Before this season, Titans were showed as large, mindless, and extremely strong creatures or a select group of people that can transform as one at will.  However, the Beast Titan is different as it acts like a smart human and nobody knows this character’s human identity or if he has one. More information about this special Titan will be discussed in Season 3.

Political Arc Is Up Next

More than protective walls, the Walls in the Attack on Titan series signify a class hierarchy between its citizens. Attack on Titan Season 3 will include some conflict against characters from the innermost portion of these walls. Sadly, Titan to Titan fights could be benched for a while as the characters will fight another group of humans in this story arc.

Due to the class hierarchy setting, the story turns political for a bit as the characters aren’t dealing with Titans anymore. The cast are more focused on as none of them are hanging on for dear life against large enemies that’ll cause their demise.

Mikasa and Levi’s Superhuman Strengths

Mikasa Ackerman and Levi Ackerman are known for their superhuman capabilities especially when fighting Titans or protecting people close to them. The third season will also cover a part of the Ackerman lineage and explain where their strengths come from. During Mikasa and Eren’s younger years, Mikasa absolutely wrecks a group of adults thugs just to save Eren from them. Let’s just say more of Attack on Titan’s superhuman powers get explained.

If We’re Lucky, We’re Going To Find The “Basement” In Season 3

One of Eren Yaeger’s goals is to return to his old house’s basement to know the “truth” behind the Titans, as his father said. However, Yaeger can’t casually waltz in his wrecked house as the area has already been overrun with Titans. The latter manga chapters cover the main protagonist’s quest to go there without looking too rash and crazy for his friends and allies.

However, this is assuming that Season 3 will cover up until the second arc after Clash of the Titans. Avid fans have noted that some manga chapters were skipped during Season 2, which could also happen for Season 3. For now, we’ll just have to wait for 2018 to see how Wit Studio and Production I.G. plans to make this show.

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