Attack on Titan Season 3 News and Update: Confirmed Premiere in March 2017?

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The long wait is almost over as the Attack on Titan Season 3?is nearing its final premiere date confirmation. In a recent announcement by the popular streaming channel Crunchyroll, they see the first quarter of 2017 as the official airing of the Attack on Titan Season 3.

For so long now, the bleak future of the anime series has been largely connected to its lack of a definite release date. Some say it?s the series? lack of story arc that caused its delay. In a recent report by Gamenguide, it was revealed that the script for Season 3 is already complete, meaning the story arc for the whole season has already been finalized.

Previously, it was reported that one of the biggest setback of the series is its apparent lack of story arcs. The creator of the manga series and the director of the anime agreed to a four-story arc in order to proceed with the production. Just a few months ago, ?Attack on Titan? Season 3 only reached a two-story arc, giving the idea that it might be quite some time before they can start making the series.

Now, fans can expect the upcoming season to premiere in the spring of 2017.

But before that, some spoilers were spotted online, including that of the possible death of one of its main characters. Also, the first promo video of the series showed how Hange discovered the invasion of a new type of Titan through the walls.

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While patrolling through the city, Hange and her troop discovered a Titan emerging through the wall of the city. Despite their obvious fear and surprise, her troop asked for the advice of Pastor Nick on what to do with the Titan. Pastor Nick will then order them to kill the Titan at all cost. After the incident, it was Hange?s turn to question Pastor Nick about the Titan and how it was able to penetrate the walls of the city.

Things are getting more interesting in the story of the Attack on Titan Season 3. Make sure not to miss the important episodes of the series by reading on

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