Attack On Titan Season 2 Update: Eren’s Secret To Be Revealed?

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Fans across the globe have been waiting for the second season of Attack on Titan for quite some time now. Several reports stated that it would arrive before 2016 ends, but latest rumors suggest that viewers should have to wait for a year or two more.

Following claims that season 2 will be released before this year comes to a close, it was then moved to an early 2017 launch, before moving further to a summer arrival. But, based on recent reports, it seems like fans should wait for another year or for a 2018 release because of its manga counterpart.

According to speculations, writers of the manga version want to have a four story arc advantage over the anime version. At present, they are only ahead for two story arcs. If this report is correct, then it is safe to say that the second season of the anime series is still far from getting launched.

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On a good note, this information did not come from the writers of the series. It was just a fan-based theory, so the possibility of it from happening is pretty low. For now, the only thing fans can do is wait for an official confirmation coming from the team.

Meanwhile, recent spoilers about Attack on Titan season 2 state that Mikasa will be in danger in the installment. According to reports, a heartless Titan will be attacking her with one intention in mind – to kill her. But, it was also mentioned that Eren will appear and save Mikasa from the attacker.

Speaking of Eren, there are speculations that not only his secrets will be revealed in the installment but as well as Dr. Grisha Yeager?s secrets. It can be recalled that the doctor is locked in his basement. If the anime series will follow the manga?s events, which it will, Eren will find a secret journal that Grisha wrote.


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Alongside the journal is a specific photo that will catch Eren?s attention. It is not clear yet what the photo is but it is expected to unveil some of Dr. Grisha?s darkest secrets.

What do you think the photo is about? What other things do you expect to happen in Attack on Titan season 2? Do you think it will be released in 2018 yet? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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