Attack on Titan Season 2 Update: See What the Trailer is Trying to Tell You

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There isn?t much to say about Attack on Titan Season 2, primarily because it doesn?t have promising details on its release date. Despite several rumors, spoilers and news about the anime series, things have been kept under wraps by the developer. But now, as the trailer of Attack on Titan arrives, it?s revealing so much about its new season that you would think someone or somebody?s going to suffer from the incident that follows.

The latest trailer of Attack on Titan Season 2 shows the intensity of the fights, but also, the horror that the people must have felt when Titans start to emerge from the high Walls of the city. The fear that wrapped the city as Titans start to destroy the walls, create havoc and hurt people, or worse, eat them.

Eren will also face the prospect of being blamed for the rumored death of Armin. Because they badly want the Titans to go away, to have them killed or terminated in the most possible way, Armin will set himself as bait in order for Eren to kill the Titan. Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers say that Armin may also have not succumbed to death in the AoT episodes, but will severely suffer the consequences of making himself bait. Also, rumors suggest that at one point in the manga series of the anime, someone will come to his rescue, but without any details on the character’s identity, it?s hard to tell whether an enemy actually wanted him to live.

According to the Parent Herald, the long standing debate on the actual release date of Attack on Titan Season 2 has also sparked rumors that this may be the last of the anime. Not only is it taking so long to release, but it?s also the director?s commitment to the project that actually delays the project. Have you been waiting for the final release date of Attack on Titan Season 2? What do you expect of anime series once it lands your TV screens? Don?t miss the exciting new spoilers of Attack on Titan Season 3 by checking on

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