Attack on Titan Season 2 Update: What Comes After Hange Discovers the Titan on the Wall?

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The walls that protect the people from getting eaten by the Titans seem to have been invaded as Hange and her troops discovered another type of Titan coming out through the walls. Attack on Titan Season 2 reveals that despite her confusion and fear for the worst, one of her troops asked Pastor Nick on what to do with it. The latter did not hesitate to give instructions to kill the Titan whenever they can.

Hange, on the other hand, had other things on her mind. While it is equally important that they terminate the Titan, she also feels like Pastor Nick knows something about the invasion. A more meaningful and serious situation that if it can?t be prevented, may endanger the lives of the people within the walls. Her confusion grew even more when she noticed how Pastor Nick brushes off her inquiries and tells her that he can?t possibly explain because he has other things to do.

Unfortunately, this is all the leaked trailer of Attack on Titan Season 2 suggested. Of course, the possibility of a battle against the Titan is on the table, but rather than fighting with much violence, do you think Hange will try a different approach to game?

In the latest report by Movie News Guide, there might be some storylines in Attack on Titan Season 2 that pertains to ?Clash of the Titans? and ?Uprising.? Although that thought can still be taken as an unconfirmed news, the possibility is there. Afterall, one of the reasons why Attack on Titan Season 2 was delayed was because of the lack of ?arcs? or story material for the series.

Also, there is ?Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress? that was slated to release prior to Attack on Titan, making the anime series push its scheduled April 2016 release to the second quarter of 2017. While it?s remotely possible that Hange will not kill the Titan if it stays within the walls, Pastor Nick?s instructions may cause confusion within the troop.

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