Attack on Titan Season 2 Spoilers: Ymir’s Big Secret Revealed?

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Despite recurring news that the next installment will be delayed indefinitely, persistent Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers keep surfacing online. According to Movie News Guide, the next season however, will feature more of the history of the Colossal Titans; how they existed and where they actually came from. Also, some essential part of the season will feature Ymir, the main character of ?Attack on Titan Season 2,? something that is not highlighted in the previous season of the anime.

With ?Attack on Titan? creator Hajime Isayama hinting about Ymir?s knowledge about the Titans, it?s possible that ?Attack on Titan Season 2? will deliver more revelations about the Titans and their true origin. Is it also possible that Ymir has the knowledge on how to terminate the Titans for good?

In the latest Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers, a leaked video on the supposed new season shows Hange and her troops watching as another type of Titan emerges through the Walls. While having second thoughts on what to do with the Titan, one of the troops asked for the advise of Pastor Nick, wherein his response to kill the Titan at all cost, caused Hange to doubt his real motives. Hange will then ask Pastor Nick some questions that have been bothering her and to her amazement, received a rather lame excuse from Pastor Nick. Meanwhile, GameNGuide revealed that there might be a sort of major death in Attack on Titan season 2 with a colossal Titan testing things against Armin and Eren. The two characters nevertheless found a way to beat the Titan through Armin?s capable planning and Eren?s strength and power in killing the Titan.

Unfortunately, Attack on Titan Season 2 still has no release date. One of the main reasons for this is the manga version?s lack of storyline. According to the director of the anime series, one of the agreed terms is to finish a four-story arc in order to proceed with the series. Currently, the manga is halfway through and is currently on its second arc.

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