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Now that there?s no counting on a specific date for ‘Attack on Titan Season 2’?release date, fans seem to have resorted to making conclusions based on the recent Attack on Titan trailer leaked online. According to the International Business Times, the trailer that was leaked last week involves Hange and her troop discovering a Titan living in between the walls. The trailer suggests that, while Hange may have been very surprised about the discovery, one of her troops will still seek the advice of the commander whether to kill the Titan or not.

With Pastor Nick?s decision to have the Titan killed at once, Hange is left with some doubts about the true identity of the Titan. Attack on Titan Season 2 suggests that Hange will ask Pastor Nick about some information about the Titan to which, the latter rebuffs her. Her curiosity will start to grow and she eventually doubts the Pastor?s motives.

The Attack on Titan leaked video online delivered information that fans can easily relate to. Some of which actually suggests new characters like that of Captain Kenny Ackerman, and some new Beast Titans, a different species from the Colossal Titans.

If you?re wondering what the storyline of Attack on Titan Season 2 will be about, some spoilers reveal that it may have something to do with the history of the Walls and how they became the sturdy protector of the people from the Titans.

With Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers and leaked videos coming out, is it safe to say that the season went gold already? TheBitBag in its previous report mentioned that director Tetsuro Araki of the anime series has not been one hundred percent committed to the task because at the time, he was working on Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

Attack on Titan Season 2 is expected to premiere in the second quarter of 2017. But until then, viewers will have to wait for the official announcement of its release date. Want to get updated with the latest Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers? Read on for fresh news about the anime series.

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