Attack on Titan Season 2 Spoilers: Is Rod Reiss a Titan Shifter?

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The latest Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers may totally change the way you look at the new season as rumors suggest that the characters you?ve known all along may not be who they really are. ?In the recent Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers, it was revealed that Krista?s father, Rod Reiss, is a Titan Shifter. This strengthens rumors circulating about the Reiss family and their capacity to go against the king.

The new season will feature the Reiss family as the only ones brave enough to fight the corrupt king. It turns out that the reason they are brave is because they are Titan Shifters. Krista, as heir to the Reiss family, will also work on proving that she?s mighty and able to fight against the Titans.

Although the story arc hasn?t been detailed, spoilers suggest that Rod is even bigger than the Colossal Titans. His size will overpower the rest of the Titans, which also brings the question whether Krista is also a Titan Shifter.

Historia Reiss, aka Krista, joins the military after her mother died. And in order to hide her true identity, she will use the name Krista; also hiding the fact that she?s heir to the Reiss family. Upon joining the military, Ymir took the responsibility of training Krista to be one of the best in the military, but it won?t be long before Eren and Hange will discover her true identity. Will Krista turn to be the despised Titan? Or will she work with the rest in order to defeat the Titans that kill the people in the city?


Other Attack on Titan Season 2 spoilers reveal that another Titan species will emerge and they will be called the Beast Titans. Beast Titans are intelligent and are able to talk unlike the rest of the Titans.

Meanwhile, if you have also been following the Attack on Titan game, some of the characters confirmed to be in it include Armi, Eren, Levi, Krista, jean and hange. Are you excited to see the Attack on Titan Season 2 next year? Don?t miss the latest updates by reading TheBitBag.

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